The anime was on the top of zoro.to a while back. I only remember that in the first episode he kept on calling some famous actress who is also a student by a wrong name and ignored her. She was pissed about it but that's all I remember. And the anime was somewhat simple, slightly less detailed or around the same amount of detail as GATE.

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This is The Eminence In Shadow.

The first episode mostly follows a girl in the class of the main character (originally a high school boy living in modern japan). She's a famous actress. The main character does not recall her name, which annoys her.

By the end of the first episode the main character dies in a truck accident, and episode 2 shows him reborn as the son of a Baron (not quite a prince, but close enough) in a different world where magic exists. The anime came out last year and was pretty popular during its run, the manga and light novel both started in 2018.

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