I once saw a recommendation wherein the title has a word “lie” in it but it’s not You’re Eternal Lie I think the female lead has also blonde hair and the male lead has dark hair. I also remembered that she was to be married to male lead but her brother betrayed her due to jealousy. I guess she was more powerful than her brother that’s why he is jealous. I remembered both leads were in a carriage going to the male lead’s place but female lead was assassinated by her brother. She then regressed to a time where she thought her brother was only concerned for her that’s why he keeps on advising her to just live a low-key life and now when she returns back in time she realizes it was only because he only do it for his own benefit.

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Sounds like My Sweet Enemy, Thy Name is Husband.

Canach Riadon — a slave who rose to emperor and the man I wed in my first life. Yet our ill-fated marriage left my family murdered and my homeland destroyed at his hands. Now given a second chance, I vow to succeed in this political marriage and save all I love... Or will his love save me first?

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    – DavidW
    Sep 23, 2023 at 18:33

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