The boy who helps solve a prince's murder or something along those lines. The boy had tarot cards in the first chapter, draws the Death card, and says how it's about new beginnings? I'm sorry, that's all I remember from back when I was ten.

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    You say you read this when you were ten, but how long ago was that? Can you recall anything about the cover?
    – Michael
    Aug 27, 2023 at 9:02

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Midnight Magic, by Avi

Cover of "Midnight Magic" by Avi. The cover is shaded blue, black, and white. A silhouette of a boy sneaks up a spiral staircase, as lightning crackles across the night sky outside.

The book opens with Fabrizio, the Magician's servant / apprentice, drawing the "Death" tarot card:

In 1491, in the Kingdom of Pergamontio, there lived a twelve-year-old boy by the name of Fabrizio. He was the sole servant of Mangus the Magician.
Eyes shut, praying to see Riches, Fabrizio turned over the ninth and final card. When he opened his eyes and saw that the card was
he gasped.
Midnight Magic, chapter 1

The Magician and Fabrizio are summoned to the castle to deal with a troublesome ghost, who is then revealed to apparently be the ghost of the Prince:

When Princess Teresina hesitated, Fabrizio leaned forward to hear her answer.
Finally, the girl said, "I know it."
Mangus: "Do you think you know whose ghost this is?"
Princess Teresina: "My brother's."
"Brother!" Scarazoni cried with such vehemence, Fabrizio started. "You never said so before, Princess."
Midnight Magic, chapter 12

Identified by recognizing the description in the question.


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