1. There is a city or kingdom inhabited by dinosaurs.

  2. MC is a young man (perhaps a prince) who defends this kingdom from the armies of evil. There was a battle scene where he flew on a pterodactyl during a thunderstorm and killed monsters, he probably had his allies with him, but I can’t remember anything about them.

  3. The armies of evil consisted of lizardmen, ape-men, skeletons, and possibly some type of goblin.

  4. The main antagonists and leaders of the evil armies were a Vampire-like sorceress in black clothes and an evil lord in red armor, with green skin and (possibly) a long beard.

  5. There was another character - an anthropomorphic dog knight who rode a giant snail and got into ridiculous situations.

I saw this around 2010-2012, According to the animation style, this is maybe something from the 80s or 90s.


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This is The Prince of Dinosaurs (2000).

Join Rakhal, Prince of the Land of Ice, and his five dinosaur friends on a journey to find the meaning of an ancient parchment. The friends must free Princess Aura and bring peace back to the land in this high quality animated feature.

You can see Sir Braveheart (the dog) riding Sluggard, the giant snail in the video below:


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