I recently learned that there is a new spin-off TV series in The Walking Dead universe that focuses on Daryl Dixon, and is set in France: The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

What do I need to watch or know from the other The Walking Dead shows before I start this one? Are there any important plot points from the other shows that are relevant to this spin-off? Which episodes, seasons, or shows are essential or relevant for understanding and appreciating this spin-off?

Here is what I already know and don’t know about The Walking Dead universe:

  • I have watched the original The Walking Dead TV series but stopped following it sometime after the Saviors/Negan arc, before the Whisperers arc began (middle of Season 9).

I stopped watching it after Rick left.

  • I have read The Walking Dead comic books until the final issue, and I believe the original TV series ended similarly to the comics (but please correct me if I’m wrong, and if there are any significant differences relevant to The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon).
  • I have watched Fear the Walking Dead, but stopped watching in the middle of Season 3.
  • I have not watched The Walking Dead: World Beyond or The Walking Dead: Dead City.

I don’t mind spoilers. You can reveal any plot details without hiding text in spoiler markup.

What should I know and watch from The Walking Dead series before watching The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon?


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