Trying to find a book. One character is the last soldier in history. After a long period (thousands of years?) of peace and civilization, a planet has one guy - the last soldier - who lives alone in a scenic rural place (maybe by a lake or ocean) and is solely responsible for defense of the planet. He has immense skills and may be very old.

Events turn out that he must fight - he controls a vast fleet of space warships, futuristic weapons, etc. He fights with these, and I think wins.

It might be an Ian M. Banks Culture novel. If not, I think it dates from roughly the same era (maybe 1990-2010).


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That could be one of the books of the Golden Oecumene trilogy by John C. Wright, published in 2002-2003. According to the Wikipedia, the "last soldier" character, Atkins, fits your description:

The entire military is made up of one man, Atkins, who most of the society has forgotten.

I remember reading these books at least 15 years ago, and Atkins does live in a rural setting, is immensely powerful, and in full control of a vast armada of war machines.

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    Thanks. I don't recall reading that trilogy but I have read John C. Wright, so there's an excellent chance that's it and I just forgot the title. I'll have look at my bookshelf. Sep 23, 2023 at 15:36

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