The protagonist was born on another planet where he grew up fighting for survival. The cover pictured the dogs at shoulder high to a man and looking like a St. Bernard. It might have been a Science Fiction Book Club edition.

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This is probably The Book of Skaith: The Adventures of Eric John Stark by Leigh Brackett. It was a selection of the Science Fiction Book Club for Fall 1976 with this cover by Don Maitz.


This is an omnibus of three novels all set on the planet Skaith: The Ginger Star, The Hounds of Skaith, and The Reavers of Skaith. Eric John Stark is the main character of each novel.

Another cover image

Stark was raised by non-human savages on Mercury, where he developed an extremely strong will to survive in an extremely challenging environment.

Also on Skaith are the Hellhounds, large beasts taller than a man, who are capable of telepathically projecting overwhelming fear onto intruders.

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    It certainly fits with the protagonist "born on another planet where he grew up fighting for survival." :-) Sep 30, 2023 at 20:57

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