I read this short story about 25 years ago. It may be older than that.

It is a grim story with examples of the harshness of the alien rule. The thing that made it memorable for me was the last sentence which added one more example of the horror. It was a surprise and packed a punch.

A few hints are given in the story: A man faints from hunger but gets right up and continues to work; the narrator mentions how he was a doctor 50 years ago when the aliens arrived.

His last thought is that he hopes he has time for the alien bureaucrat to certify his death warrant.

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OK, not actually a recent question, but one I ran into recently.

"The Certificate" by Avram Davidson (1959), described here as:

Fifty years after the arrival of aliens, one of the small percentage of men left alive enters the alien bureaucracy dreaming of a new overcoat -- or better yet, escape.

The last line is:

He had achieved his escape after all — but only if he got there before ten o'clock

It can be read here.

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