It's a short story, by a very well-known but not recent horror writer. It's at least 25 years since I read it, and it wasn't new then.

It was about a man, perhaps a scientist, who discovered a portal to a new world. For some reason I feel it was in a tree/forest but I'm not definite. He watches the people for some time, they are always happy and content. When he eventually steps through, they rush towards him, and he sees their wide smiles are full of long sharp teeth, as they fall on him.


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This is probably "Window" (1980) by Bob Leman, first published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

From the plot summary on Wikipedia:

A researcher seeking to merge science and magic opens a “window” which reveals what seems to be a tranquil Victorian home and family. The viewpoint characters can see through the "window" to the family, but the family can't see them. Yearning for the apparently idyllic life seen through the portal, a man crosses to the other dimension but is immediately killed and eaten by the family. The family performs a ritual, closing the portal, and all disappear. However, the dead man's bones come out of thin air where the portal had been. The viewpoint characters realize that the man-eating family have found a "window" into their world and are now watching them.


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