In Avatar The Way of Water (2022), the Sky People shot a mother Tulkun with a tracker. Two submarines were released underwater and are heading towards her:

PILOT 1: Target in sight. 3-6 is in hot with harpoons.

GUNNER 1: Here we go, baby.

The scene then cuts to Scoresby, the captain, who is talking to Miles’ avatar on a ship equipped with a explosive tipped harpoon. Scoresby aims the harpoon towards the mother Tulkun:

Scoresby: See, we go in from below where there's gaps in the armor.

The scene then cuts back to the submarine crew:

GUNNER 1: All right, let's go. Get up in there.

What armor is Scoresby referring to?

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The Tulkun are armor-plated, according to the film's official 'pandorapedia'

Of all the marine fauna inhabiting the Metkayina reef, only the enormous, highly-intelligent, sea-dwelling tulkun are truly sentient. In fact, the tulkun possess their own names and a rich family history and culture as well as sophisticated music and poetry. Eons ago, the tulkun engaged in long stretches of bloody warfare that spanned generations. Eventually, the tulkun changed their ways and collectively swore to a life of absolute pacifism. With their thick armor plating shielding them from aggressors, tulkun have no need for violent retaliation.

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