I have seared into my memory a specific scene from Third Rock From the Sun, in which Harry reveals he is wearing a lobster claw-shaped oven mitt, and declares "Lobster claw!".

Details I'm less sure of:

I think Tommy is also in the scene, and it may be in a kitchen or the kitchen section of a shop. Harry probably then lunges at someone with the claw.

Does anyone know what episode that is in?

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This is the season 5 episode "Rutherford Beauty" (episode 13).

The scene is in a kitchen store where Sally is browsing and getting caught up in a video from the show's Martha Stewart expy (and ending up with a couple of books); Harry sees lobster-claw oven mitts and he and Tommy wander over for a look. After the scene has followed Sally for a while Tommy reappears and gets chased by Harry wearing the oven mitts yelling "I'm a lobster!"

He's a lobster!

(Apologies for the poor image quality; I found a viewable copy of the video at dailymotion.)


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