The main character (MC) is randomly placed into a boy that's the "demon prince". The castle is already under attack. There's a captured princess that he finds and he pretends to be another captured person and gets out alive. He then heads to this city and meets a companion in a potion shop or book shop. The monsters listen to him. The MC is of child age. The story is fully colored and if I remember, our MC is an author who gets put into one of his stories after death.

  • Was this full colour or mostly black & white? And was the boy originally from another world? Commented Nov 11, 2023 at 7:55
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    @LogicDictates I'm pretty sure it was full of color, and if I remember correctly, the MC was an author Commented Nov 11, 2023 at 20:35

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This is Demon King of the Royal Class. it is licensed by Tapas.

Upon dying, the author of "The Demon King is Dead" is given two choices: go to hell or be reborn in his novel and survive till the end. The problem? He's reborn as Baalier Junior, a weak demon prince, after his realm was conquered! To make things worse, his attempt to escape somehow gets him enrolled as a student of the Royal Class in Gradias Temple, a prestigious human school. In the midst of plotlines and political schemes, can this author keep his identity a secret and reach a happy ending?

The protagonist is a webnovel author and dies shortly after reading multiple extremely critical comments of his latest work. After dying, he reincarnates within that work as a minor son of the demon lord; the demon lord (and presumably all his children) are killed in the prologue of the actual work. As mentioned in the question, he reincarnates in the middle of the battle.

System message telling him to escape

His escape plan is to use a camouflage spell and disguise himself among the human prisoners...

Escape plan

...Except when he arrives, all of the prisoners have already been killed, gruesomely. The only survivor turns out to be a young blonde girl. When the human forces arrive, they refer to her as a princess.


Found by searching mangaupdates for the tag Author Transmigrated to Own Creation and filtering out Shoujo/Josei works.

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