She reincarnated as the villain’s sister in a novel she read and I think she was blond. She gets engaged to a fat heir to a dukedom (I think?) and she gives him a solution to lose some weight. At a party she meets the crown prince (I think?) and says something the ogfl says and he gets interested in her and I think that later he falls in love with her.

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Even though I become a side character, I’m being adored by an overprotective duke:

I've been transmigrated as "Leticia," a mob character from an otome game. I was forced to take Lionel as my fiancé by my twin sister (who, by the way, has the worst personality). The first time I met Lionel, he was nothing but chubby and fat, just as the rumours said he'd be… However, me being me, I realised that Lionel is an unpolished gem with potential to shine, so I decided to re-invent him. Even if I'm a mob character, my days of doting on my fiancé began when my fiancé transformed both inside and out.

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    Hi, welcome to SF&F. Can you provide more details about this so it's clear how it matches?
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