So I remember watching a manhwa recap but now the video is gone and I can’t remember much about the manhwa and I want to read it. Unfortunately the only thing that I can remember is that the girl before she was reincarnated(as a villainess I think) she did maths. So after she was reincarnated she saw similarities between the magic in the new world and maths in her old world. She found a new discovery using maths from her old world and she proved it somewhere I think and the ml was watching her and that’s all that I remember. If anyone can help me then please do(I am quite desperate)!!


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Might it be Isn't Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? as per Manhwa about female lead reincarnated to noble family with magic but she has no mana?

Front cover of Isn't Being A Wicked Woman Much Better?

It was originally a light novel, but has now been adapted into a long-form webcomic.

Truck-kun kills an engineering student who is reincarnated into a villainous female, Deborah Seymour. She has no mana, but she eventually works out that magic is based on maths.

The story itself is secondary to the lavish artwork. The artist is obsessed with dresses and ballgowns.

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