Our hero (from modern-day Japan) invents modern stuff unheard of after he isekai-ed (as a child) into a medieval village. The village is poor as heck, being isolated in the medieval countryside of sorts and he most wishes to invent things to improve his fellow villagers' lives.

Things I recall

  • I don't think there was a love interest.

  • He's stuck there, no moving between worlds. It's a true reincarnation.

  • No sex/nudity/gore either.

  • The manga is in black-and-white, and has at least 10 chapters. Including the .1 & .2 ones.

  • He is the only reincarnated person.

  • His 'enemies' are those merchants who are plain greedy and wanted to snatch the profit for themselves, using sneaky or underhanded means. Of course, they lost and got tied up eventually.

  • The target audience is shounen, and we can even call it generic.

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    I think it was gamebreaking items that are so innovatic everyone can use it easily without any guide menu of sorts. Very practical. Commented Dec 26, 2023 at 23:22

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This could be Fushi no Kami: Rebuilding Civilization Starts with a Village.

When the civilizations of yesteryear fade from memory and become fanciful fantasy, the only evidence of their existence...are books. Ash, a young boy living in a remote farming village, holds a secret—he possesses memories of a distant and more bountiful past life. Days of toiling in the fields have given rise to a burning desire: to bring more enjoyment to the everyday doldrum of his dreary present day! And while books may be the answer, Ash...can’t actually read! But where there is a will, there is a way. Join Ash as he battles illiteracy and sets his sights on a better life!

Synopsis covers the reincarnation aspect. He knows he had a previous life, but doesn't clearly remember anything, and doesn't know how to invent anything on his own. Instead, with the help of the village priest, he teaches himself to read with the intent of learning from the past.

His primary goal is to improve the quality of life for himself and therefore also the villagers.

enter image description here

The village he lives in is definitely poor, with almost all work going into farming and basically no healthcare. There are references throughout the series of people dying of minor fevers or injuries because there's basically no healthcare and not enough food.

There's no magic visible, but there are references to demons. No sex; there is a little gore involving a bear attack. There is a life interest, but it's one sided; the village chief's daughter is blatantly interested in Ash, but he remains oblivious and focused on learning from books. The demographic is shounen.

What doesn't match is the game breaking inventions, but that's rather subjective. His inventions are all fairly minor - new uses for herbs, beekeeping techniques (the beekeepers died before their craft could be taught to their children), literacy for other children and some adults, and a hand cream that can be sold to a trader for profit to buy essentials. There may be other inventions I'm forgetting, but on the whole everything is very subdued.

The merchant bit is also not a good match. He does encounter a merchant who tries to rip off his father by exploiting everyone's math illiteracy, until he corrects him. But that's the only merchant conflict - the merchant doesn't try anything beyond that, and becomes very friendly after Ash invents a hand cream he can sell in the capital.

enter image description here

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OP, this matches, especially the farming tools and waterwheel part. But MC can go back and forth and is an adult, and theres a love story.

I Won 4 Billion in a Lottery But I Went to Another World

Waterwheel in Chapter 2:


Could this maybe be High School Prodigies Have It Easy In Another World? I'm not too sure, as there are multiple people who have been transported, to the other world, but there is an arc, a big one, where the main protagonist and his friend/subordinate deal with a big, greedy merchant. They had previously been working and living in a very rural area, and I believe this conflict arose because the merchant was making life hard for the villagers. There are a good number of chapters that have been translated, at least to my knowledge.


Was it Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill?

... the adult, an ordinary salaryman named Tsuyoshi Mukouda (a.k.a. "Mukohda"), is found to only have the power of "Online Supermarket". Unwilling to become a hero and also suspicious of the kingdom's true intentions, he convinces the nobles his ability is useless, allowing him to leave and pursue a simple life in the new world. Experimenting with his Online Supermarket skill, he discovers he is able to instantly order food and other products from Japan.

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