Looking for a recently released black and white Japanese manga (probably within the last 3-4 months), of a modern Japanese young child (3-5 years old) who dies and is reincarnated by a god to a commoner's family in another world. I read it online but can't find it in my history, so it's been translated to English somewhere. I think there were only 2-3 chapters available in English as well.

The god part might have just been a panel of a half face of a female god. It's not a big detail. The main part of my memory is that it's definitely a small child that gets reincarnated. As far as I know, there is no cheat skill or anything, because it's just a kid.

It's possible that he was put into an existing small child, who was dying due to fever, etc.

It's not:

I could be crazy and mixing up manga in my head. If so, I apologize for wasting your time.


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I think its Yasashii Kazoku to, Takusan no Mofumofu ni Kakomarete.

In chapter 1, mc dies at age ~6 and then after being reincarnated he shrinks to the age of ~3. 4 Chapters in english , but released in 2020.

There aren't many isekai of children. Usually isekai characters are high schoolers or office lady / businessmen / uncle aka "ossan". Some isekai are with senior citizens.

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