I remember reading this manga book when I was little — about 10 or 11 years ago – and the story is about a boy. I don't know if he's in school or not, but he like sees a God in the street and after that he's realized all things near him are like animated.

I think he becomes like somehow a servant or apostle of the God, and he's transferred to a sacred or forbidden forest where he later meets another boy who's possessed by a spirit of a white tiger.

The boy can fuse with the white tiger, and also use the white tiger's power etc, and I remember there's later another girl in the book with the spirit of a Dragon who can do the same thing.

There's a few people who possess the spirit and can use the spirits power, similar to power rangers.


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I think this may be the WEBTOON Flow, which started being published in 2014. It isn't an isekai, however, but many of the details match, at least as much as I remember, such as a kid with a dragon anima and another with a tiger. It's now available as a Daily Pass series, that is, wait to read for free.

The wiki explains:

Yun Lee-Rang is a young man with a cat anima. After being beat up and put into the hospital his cat anima is revealed to be one of the strongest animas in disguise; the White Tiger. The White Tiger anima allows him to cast a wish and he uses it to turn back time. He soon repeats the cycle of his day but several consequences were found with turning back time.

my god came to me 10 years ago. (Cat says:) “I can give you a special gift”

At the school, everyone uses their animal-based powers to fight, as seen in (for example) episodes 8-9.

I believe the white tiger form shows up in episode 22. (Not to be confused with another character’s Bengal tiger.)

(Copied with minor changes from my previous answer.)

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