I recall a book I read 15-20 years ago about a rich businessman with company interests in space. Some government, (or his state-backed competitors) kept interfering with his interests, so he raided their space station/ship with his own as a ‘privateer’.

He was sort of an Elon Musk figure (long before Elon was round). Novel celebrated capitalism and entrepreneurship in a big way. Perhaps written during the Cold War (those kind of vibes).

I recall it as a paperback with a silver cover and a picture (I think) of a spaceship on it.

Any ideas?


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Possibly the Sam Gunn series by Ben Bova.

Collected in The Sam Gunn Omnibus (2007, collecting 2 books from 1997 - 1998)

enter image description here

A hero without peer or scruples, Sam Gunn has a nose for trouble, money, and women--though not necessarily in that order. A man with the ego (and stature) of a Napoleon, the business acumen of a P. T. Barnum, and the raging hormones of a teenage boy, Sam is the finest astronaut NASA ever trained…and dumped.

But more than money, more than women, Sam Gunn loves justice. (And he really does love money and women.) Whether he's suing the Pope, helping twin sisters entangled in the "virtual sex" trade, or on trial for his life on charges of interplanetary genocide, you can be sure of one this is one space jockey who'll meet every challenge with a smile on his lips, an ace up his sleeve…and a weapon in his pocket.

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