Near the end of Voyager, Tuvok required fal-tor-voh to heal his mind. This requires

a vulcan,

which the crew considered unavailable. Why was this considered impossible? Why can the holodeck not solve this?

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    Why would a hologram work?
    – Joe W
    Jan 31 at 19:35
  • On several occasions Spock, a half-Vulcan, was able to meld with various non-living entities such as NOMAD, and V'Ger so it is probable that it was simply too difficult to generate a suitable or compatible donor mind in the holodeck with the technology levels available to the crew.
    – Valorum
    Jan 31 at 19:37

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The answer was provided in Endgame itself: the treatment required a mind-meld with a compatible Vulcan, preferably a blood relative. The other Vulcan(s) on board were not compatible.

Here's the relevant quote:

TUVOK: Your concern is appreciated, Captain, but premature. It will be several years before the symptoms become serious. Until then, the Doctor can manage my condition with medication.

JANEWAY: Is it true what the Admiral said? That there's a cure in the Alpha Quadrant?

TUVOK: It is called a fal-tor-voh, and it requires a mind meld with another Vulcan.

JANEWAY: What about the other Vulcans on Voyager?

TUVOK: None of them are compatible.

JANEWAY: But members of your family are? If you knew that returning to the Alpha Quadrant was your only chance for recovery, why didn't you object when I asked you to help find a way to destroy the hub?

The holodeck creates optical illusions and puppets controlled by force fields; it cannot create biological life. (Or, in Captain Picard's own words from Insurrection: "...a computer-driven image created by photons and force fields". Assuming you're content to take Captain Picard at his word.)

Extrapolating very lightly from this: if any random real-life flesh-and-blood Vulcan was not sufficient, a non-living holographic Vulcan facsimile would not be sufficient.

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