So I was reading a sci-fi book that started on Mars (it was in my old job's break room; I moved jobs and can't remember the name). I only recall bits and pieces and didn't get far. Any help in identifying the book would be great. See below for what I remember.

  1. The main character was a married female scientist that was leading research on Mars.
  2. Hubby was also a lead scientist and discovered that a giant Martian life form responds to radio waves/electric pulses (in one part they basically go caving inside this creature.)
  3. Young hot shot ends up crashing a wing suit in a publicity stunt on a news recording to Earth (the science/research base relies on publicity to secure funding)
  4. In part due to this they get a stick in the mud admin type that is going to take over running the Mars facility, but this is actually a ploy by the bigwig funding the whole thing to get them to agree to head to a new planet that has yet to be explored (Jupiter I think?)

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This looks very much like The Martian Race or possibly its sequel The Sunborn, by Gregory Benford. The "other planet" is Pluto.

I have lent the book to a friend and cannot check, but I seem to remember the wing suit stunt, and surely the subterranean expedition "inside" the creature.

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    A goodreads review mentions "Julia almost suffocating as she lowers herself into a Martian vent to explore some misting that might indicate an ancient harbor for life eons past", so there's the caving bit.
    – Shawn
    Commented Feb 3 at 4:25

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