It’s been a year since I read this. It was on a website that translates Korean comics (manhwa). The points I remember are:

  • The female lead (FL) has white hair and pink magenta eyes, which is a mana stone, a symbol for her family generation

  • In her past life, the FL was killed by a duke family with light blue hair, after making her the empress (replacing her position for the duke’s sister)

  • The FL turns back time and be strong and cold hearted

  • The FL is poor and from a fallen family (?)

  • The FL has outstanding swordsmanship (?)

  • Went to an academy to study and met a new friend, a daughter from a rich count's family but has bad health condition (sick)

  • Met two possible male leads, one with golden hair (illegitimate son of the pope) and the other with black hair (grand duke)

  • In the academy she seeks revenge against her friends who bullied her in her past life

The one in bold is the point I remembered the most from the manhwa.

  • Hi, welcome to SF&F. Where and when did you read this?
    – DavidW
    Feb 9 at 17:59
  • Hi, David. Thank you for your response. It’s been a year, and I read it on a website that translates Korean comics (Manhwa).
    – Athalie
    Feb 9 at 18:13


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