A long time ago I watched a movie which at the end has a big twist whereby the bunch of kids we’ve followed through the film have a dog which metamorphoses into a large beast and combats another large beast alien to save the kids.

I seem to remember that it was set in the U.S. and perhaps an 80s film set in the 80s too, very similar to Stand by Me (1986) in its appearance, cinematography, and film stock, but with this big twist of being an sci-fi alien film only found out in the closing minutes in a battle scene by a lake when the kid protagonists are attacked by an alien.

It was not I Am Number 4 (2011).

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The dog doesn't transform, and there's only the one kid, but perhaps Watchers (1988)?

About a boy who befriends an intelligent dog that has a link to a monster on the loose. The dog helps the boy fight the monster.

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