We have only seen the main crew of TNG as the high ranking officers aboard the USS Enterprise D. MY questions are:

  1. In a ship with over 1000 personnel and families, can we assume that they are the only high ranking officers on board or that there are others but not shown for story telling reasons.
  2. If no other high ranking officers are aboard, what would happen to the command structure (hierarchy) if the bridge crew was lost (especially that they all go on away missions which could be dangerous), who would take control of the Enterprise D?
  3. We have seen Engineering, Medical and Security with high ranking officers, are there any other departments with high officers which we know of.
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    Okay, I won't vote to close this one, but it is too many questions and relationships to even try to answer effectively. Rank structures and relationships, relationships in command structure, who is in charge under what conditions, departments on board ship, and since we have only seen the crew of one Galaxy-class starship, we can't presume to guess every configuration of ship complement. And while we are at it, which Enterprise, D or E? – Thaddeus Howze Dec 24 '12 at 6:56
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This site lists a Galaxy-class ship as having 185 officers and 575 enlisted crew and 252 civilians (families).

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    That site is somebody's made-up stats for an RPG, and it has some completely wrong specs (like a forward-firing torpedo tube on the saucer section, among others). – T.J.L. Nov 2 '15 at 13:39

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