In My Dad The Bounty Hunter, both the high-ranking executives of the sinister galactic Endless Horizons Conglomerate that we have seen are secretly some type of lizard alien. Notably, they are different types of lizard aliens: while Tim Fixer seemed to be a reptilian humanoid with regenerative abilities who covered his appearance with a thin layer of human skin (metaphorically somewhere between a gecko and a chameleon), Pam had a more sophisticated get-up, being an enormous crocodilian alien compressed into a human-like suit (who naturally was known for her affected sorrow and insincere smiles). The executives use these disguises regardless of which species we see them interact with or where they do it.

Now, humans and human-like aliens seem to be a distinct minority in the galaxy (seemingly limited to just two planets, as far as we know), while aliens with distinctly non-human appearances, including some reptilian ones, seem to be widespread, so it is not as if anyone would bat an eye at their true appearance. By contrast, concealing their appearance definitely makes them look shady if revealed (in fairness, they are shady). Why do the executives of the EHC devote so much effort to disguising themselves as humans?

  • Easier on the special effects/costuming budget?
    – FuzzyBoots
    Feb 21 at 12:21
  • 1
    @FuzzyBoots - It is an animated series where most of the characters are aliens.
    – Adamant
    Feb 21 at 16:37


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