The maze was constructed using wood, I think. Also there were dogs inside with him, and razor blades stuck to the walls.

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It seems to be Tales from the Crypt, the movie.

This excerpt from Wikipedia is relevant (emphasis is mine)

Blind Alleys (Tales from the Crypt #46, February–March 1955), Major William Rogers (Nigel Patrick), the new director of a home for the blind (making up mostly of elderly and middle-aged men), makes drastic financial cuts, reducing heat and rationing food for the residents, while he lives in luxury with Shane, his Belgian Malinois. When he ignores complaints and a man dies due to the cold, the blind residents, led by the stone-faced George Carter (Patrick Magee) exact an equally cruel revenge. After Carter and his group subdue the staff, they lure and trap Major Rogers as well as his dog in two separate rooms in the basement. The blind men then begin constructing in the basement a maze of narrow corridors, some of them lined with razor blades. They starve the Major's dog, then place the Major in the maze's center, release the dog and turn off the basement lights...

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