I'm looking for an old book, probably from the 90s or earlier. I think there were four people who played D&D in our world, and they went to sleep and woke up in a magical medieval world.

I remember right after they wake up, the "magic user" triggers a fireball spell that ruins some information and stuff that they need, and at least one person gets hurt. I think they are the traditional fighter/barbarian who berserks, magic-user, cleric, and, I think, a thief. There's some bad stuff that happens to them along the way.


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The Sleeping Dragon from 1983, first book of Joel Rosenberg's Guardians of the Flame series?

A group of college students who are playing an AD&D like game with a professor as GM suddenly find themselves in the game world, as their characters. There's a Fighter, a couple of Thieves, a Cleric, Wizards and a dwarf (fighter). Lots of bad stuff, including characters dying, happens during the book and series in general. Early on a wizard accidentally destroys most of their belongings with a spell gone wrong.

I can't remember how they transferred to the world, though.


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