In the opening sequence of X-Men '97, Season 1, Episode 3, "Fire Made Flesh", there's a brief clip showing Lilandra aggressively hitting a control panel while Araki and a shocked Professor X look on. This clip appears to be from (or based on) a scene in the X-Men '97 prequel, X-Men: The Animated Series.

the scene described above

Could anyone identify the episode from X-Men: The Animated Series that features this scene?

  • Prof X doesn't look like the classic series to me. And assuming the new series is HD it's probably easier to just animate a pastiche flashback than splice something in. But I don't know maybe the series does have prior examples of that. Commented Mar 28 at 3:24

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According to this site, it's a redraw of a scene in 3×17, "The Dark Phoenix Part IV: The Fate of the Phoenix".

Image of Lilandra striking a panel

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