The knight is on the left of the castle in the distance. He's wearing a long cloak, and the horse's head is bowed. I think :|

It may also have been an album cover but I would not swear to it. It was a popular poster all those years ago. I'd love to find a copy of it again now.

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    This is a bit tropey and generic. Is the knight above the castle looking down or below it looking up? What are the predominant colours? Is the art style closer to Rodney Matthews or Hildebrandt?
    – DavidW
    Apr 3 at 0:15
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    What does this have to do with science fiction or fantasy? Why do you call it a "fantasy painting"?
    – user14111
    Apr 3 at 0:22
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    In addition to what user14111 said, this seems... pretty broad. Knight, castle, 70s or 80s ("probably")- additional details would help about knight's pose, colour scheme, time of day, size of castle etc would all help
    – bertieb
    Apr 3 at 14:00
  • Well it's all I had guys. Of course more detail would help. But it was not there in the memory.
    – Tim Smith
    Apr 4 at 1:57
  • I know we have an answer, but the album cover close to that description that leaps to mind is the self-titled Molly Hatchet album from 1978. No castle though. The painting, Death Dealer inspired works in just about every media imaginable.
    – T.E.D.
    Apr 4 at 13:24

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My guess would be Gustave Doré - Idylls of the King. This one is from the 19th century though

Image of the painting

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    Used as an album cover by Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir's For all tid
    – bertieb
    Apr 3 at 14:35
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    +1 Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
    – Lexible
    Apr 3 at 15:30
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    Yes, this is the picture. I'm so pleased. Thank you for being able to figure it out from such a woeful dearth of information.
    – Tim Smith
    Apr 4 at 1:59

Perhaps one of these may ring a bell for you…

The Chroniles of Count Brass paperback cover NinePrinces in Amber paperback cover The Jewel in the Skull paperback cover

Ivanhoe paperback cover The Dragon and the George paperback cover Joan of Arc paperback cover

Three Hearts and Three Lions The Knight The Pastel City

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    No album cover. No popular poster. Apr 3 at 2:30
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    Exactly zero of those covers features a knight on the left of a castle!
    – TonyK
    Apr 3 at 13:20
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    @TonyK Correct, though The Pastel City is pretty close. Given how fallible / lossy recall is, being liberal in interpreting the author's memory could be helpful, as could similar images
    – bertieb
    Apr 3 at 13:59
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    @TonyK Just goes to show how selective visual attention is- I didn't notice the corpses until you mentioned them! Now, let me find that video of people throwing a basketball back and forth while a gorilla walks past... ;-P
    – bertieb
    Apr 3 at 14:24
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    I'm misting up - I've read a lot of these books over the years. Good stuff.
    – Tim Smith
    Apr 4 at 2:20

This is probably the 1973 fantasy painting Death Dealer by Frank Frazetta.

It was used as the album cover for the 1978 debut album by southern rock band Molly Hatchet.

A 15 x 22 vintage art print can be purchased directly from the Frazetta Art Museum.

A 24 x 36 modern poster print can be purchased on Amazon.

You can easily find various other sizes available by searching "Death Dealer poster" on Google, eBay, etc.

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    No knight. No castle. No overlook.
    – Lexible
    Apr 3 at 1:21
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    Great artwork, but not the one. However I am glad you posted since I enjoyed seeing Frank's work.
    – Tim Smith
    Apr 4 at 2:00

Could be The Rider

This is another Frank Frazetta. It's got a rider with a long cloak, horse with head bowed, and a castle in the distance.

He's not very knight-like - but otherwise it fits.

It was used as the cover art for an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel in 1974, and has probably been in prints / posters since about then.

enter image description here

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