The female lead need to clear a tower or something and defeat the final boss to return to her real world. She kinda failed at first so she keep regressing from begining over and over, and after several atempts she finally defeated the final boss, but instead to return to her real world, the final boss sent her to another world where she reincarnated as a villainess. When she woke up she's being accused of murdering the OG FL because the OG FL gone missing near the female lead's family mansion and the 'villainess' she reincarnated into had a history of bullying(?) the OG FL.

I kinda forgot the hair color of the female lead but the crown prince has a blond hair and the other male characters has black hair. The female lead also still has her powers from the past when she defeat the final boss and she made a pact/contact with three creatures(?) devils or something. They often comunicate with the female lead and how they talk was like for example 'the devil said that you must go there' something like how the Gods comunicate with Ailette in Perks of being S-class Heroine.

The latest chapter I read was the female lead faking an engagement with the crown prince. They announce it at the ball. I forgot the title and been searching for days but couldn't find it. I would really grateful for anyone who can help me find the manhwa title :')

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This is The S-Class Hunter Doesn't Want to Be a Villainous Princess.

She had transmigrated into a hunter constellation fantasy novel, and after 10 years, she finally attained the No.1 Hunter ranking and cleared the tower… But now she transmigrated into a Romance-Fantasy novel as an exalted and infamously evil princess? But if you look closely, this princess doesn’t usually live a bad life, does she?

The protagonist died and reincarnated in a combat-themed novel, repeating trying and failing to defeat the final boss. She finally defeats it at the start of the first chapter, and it curses her to reincarnated into a different world instead of going back to her own.

As a hunter she has a system that she converses with, similar to Perks of being S-class Heroine.

enter image description here

When she reincarnates in the other novel, she's a villainous daughter of the household, hated by everyone, and is already in prison under the assumption she killed the saintess.

enter image description here

She still has all of her strength from her previous lives and trivially escapes by just pulling the bars out of the wall.

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