Two men are on a spaceship. One is arrogant and a windbag. He is telling a long and detailed story that seems to be about a dangerous battle in which he fought.

The other man loses his patience and says nobody wants to hear once again all about how you once beat your teacher at Risk!


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This comes from the episode Meltdown of the British comedy sci fi series Red Dwarf.

RIMMER: So there we were at 2:30 in the morning; I was beginning to wish I had never come to cadet training school. To the south lay water - there was no way we could cross that. To the east and west two armies squeezed us in a pincer. The only way was north; I had to go for it and pray the Gods were smiling on me. I picked up the dice and threw two sixes. Caldecott couldn't believe it. My go again; another two sixes!


LISTER: No one wants to know some stupid story about how you beat your Cadet School Training Officer at 'Risk'.

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    Ah yes, where later in the episode, Rimmer has his cohorts charge over the minefield under cover of daylight.
    – user25730
    Commented Apr 11 at 6:03
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    As soon as Risk was mentioned, I knew it would be Arnold J. Rimmer! (BSC, SSC) Commented Apr 11 at 11:28
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    Arrogant windbag on a spaceship was an even earlier hint...
    – Michael
    Commented Apr 11 at 12:35
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    Bronze Swimming Certificate. Silver Swimming Certificate Commented Apr 11 at 18:17
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    That’s the joke. Commented Apr 12 at 21:41

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