In Jurassic Park, after escaping the T-Rex and sleeping the night in the tree. Dr Grant, Lex and Tim find eggs in the roots of a tree, and Dr Grant exclaims that 'life did find a way'.

Which dinosaur laid those eggs?

Dino eggs

  • Nothing useful in the Koepp script; "They stare in amazement - - - - at a whole clutch of dinosaur eggs! All hatched, now empty. Grant picks up one of the fragments, a large one - nearly half an egg."
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    Apr 13 at 7:56
  • Nothing useful in the graphic novel; i.sstatic.net/nrLXc.jpg
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    Apr 13 at 7:59
  • Nothing useful in the junior novelisation; “What is it?” asked Tim. Alan was holding a thin piece of white shell. “It’s a dinosaur egg,” Alan said. Part of him couldn’t believe it. But another part wasn’t surprised at all. “The dinosaurs are breeding.” Right in front of him was a whole group of eggs that were already hatched.
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    Apr 13 at 8:01
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    thefossilforum.com/topic/92371-advanced-dinosaur-egg-guide there's a nice picture from Royal Tyrrell museum comparing shapes. A velociraptor egg is the most "egg" shaped as opposed to spherical or extreme oval like other residents of jurassic park. Apr 13 at 17:26
  • In Jurassic Park 3, we see the same kind of eggs again, and this time they are clearly explained as Velociraptor eggs Apr 13 at 23:32

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In the original novel Grant finds a velociraptor eggshell.

Grant shook his head. “Look at the curvature. The shell is almost flat. That's from a very big egg. And notice the thickness of the shell. Unless you have ostriches on this island, it's a dinosaur egg.”

“But they can't possibly breed,” Harding insisted. “All the animals are female.” “All I know,” Grant said, “is that this is a dinosaur egg.”

Malcolm said, “Can you tell the species?”

“Yes,” Grant said. “It's a velociraptor egg.”

Note that this scene (in the book) happens rather earlier than the film, when Grant and Ellie are investigating the sickly triceratops.

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