I used to own the first book of what I think was a duology. I'm pretty sure I bought it, in England, in the late seventies, possibly early eighties, and it was recent at that time, so not a reprint of an old book. I think the title of each book was a single word, or name, possibly Japanese.

Most likely the book was an imported US edition, possibly Ace. As I remember, the cover showed a typically clean-cut, handsome young man, in clothes resembling a Karate Gi, or the clothes Luke Skywalker wore in 'A New Hope'. Most memorably I recall he was floating in space in the lotus meditating position, possibly with spaceships in the background. I'm not sure I even finished the book, but IIRC it was a conflict SF story, similar to Star Wars, in fact. Maybe a cash-in on the popularity at the time. Edit: Also 95% sure it was not by a "big-name" author - so not Niven, Haldeman, Brin, etc

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Found it! The "Kensho" series by Dennis Schmidt. Actually five books, three with single-word titles. First on was Wayfarer. Found by viewing all Ace covers for 1979, on ISFDB.

Blonde man in a short white robe floats in space in lotus position with an unsheathed sword in his lap.  In the background a spaceship thrusts above an Earth-like planet

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  • Book mentioned at scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/54600/…, although they're actually looking for another work by the author.
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