Since it been shown that Fire Ferrets are capable of fire bending why did Dragons get the title of original fire benders and not the ferrets, or are both original fire benders?

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    Can you give me the source that fire ferrets actually bend fire? First time I hear about that Apr 22 at 23:35
  • 90% sure Pabu breathed fire in one episode, maybe I need to rewatch the show, starting tomorrow
    – anon
    Apr 23 at 1:03
  • If you find the episode where Pabu breathes fire, leave a comment which one because I genuinely cannot remember a single instance of Pabu firebending
    – BatWannaBe
    Apr 28 at 1:40
  • Yeah, maybe I'm being a dumbass, If it's not in the first 2 seasons I must imagining it, and since he didn't do it in season 1 I'm 90% sure my memory was wrong
    – anon
    Apr 29 at 1:45

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Usually when we say "fire bender", we mean a human who is capable of fire bending. If someone said "there's a fire bender in the next room", and you opened the door to find a dragon, you would probably chastise them for not speaking honestly.

Dragons are given the title of "the original fire benders" not necessarily because they are the first/only creatures that can fire bend, but because they were the ones who taught humans how to fire bend. Thus, the dragons are the original source of fire bending as a practice among humans, irrespective of any other creatures' bending abilities.

Fire ferrets are indigenous to the Earth Kingdom, and AFAIK no humans ever learned fire bending from them, or if that would even be possible. Therefore, they are less important to fire benders and less revered, so no one's chosen to honor them with a fancy title. Also, they arguably aren't the "original" of anything because no "copies" have been made from them.

  • I don't see why humans can't learn fire bending from a fire ferrets, nor do I have reasons to believe it'd never been done, but what you said about Dragons being the first to teach humans and ferrets being native to the earth kingdom and not fire nation makes sense
    – anon
    Apr 22 at 21:57
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    I expect they'd weasel their way out of sharing their knowledge. Apr 24 at 8:11
  • F*** you and take my upvote
    – anon
    Apr 25 at 1:45

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