I watched the film online. It was probably made between 2000 and 2022.

The husband works alone in a remote research facility accessed by a bridge. He communicates with his apparently recently deceased wife, who is elsewhere, inside a large black machine which allows the living to communicate with the dead, by preserving some form of consciousness, for just a few days after death.

The research facility is eventually attacked and damaged by a paramilitary force. There is a big twist at the end when it is revealed it was the husband who had actually died, not the wife. He is inside the black machine and everything that has occurred was in his imagination.


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This is Archive (2020). The ending is largely as you've described.

J2, confronted with the realization that she will never be anything more or better than she already is, destroys herself by walking into a lake. Archive recovers the robot, and threaten to sue George's company. When she learns that George has been building robots, his boss fires him. He makes the final call to his wife on the Archive machine, and ends the call saying "see you soon." J3 overhears this and realizes that he intends to overwrite her consciousness with that of his wife. Though initially angry and afraid, she accepts her fate. The upload is completed as security storms George's lab.

At this point, any sign of the security team suddenly evaporates, and all is calm. The Archive starts ringing with an incoming call from Jules. J3 implores him not to answer, but George does and speaks to Jules, also hearing a child's voice on the line which is revealed to be that of his daughter. George was the one who died in the accident, while Jules survived and is now raising their daughter in the real world, and the ordeal he went through was a simulation within his own Archive, which has finally expired. With his Archive expired, it has been prepared for burial at his official funeral. Jules and their daughter say their final goodbyes and leave.

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