How are new werewolves made in the Twilight series?

I mean, if werewolves don't harm humans then how did they get new ones? Are they born like humans?

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The wolves of the Quileute tribe (seen in Twilight) have inherited the ability from Taha Aki. His story was told in Eclipse.

They are not strictly werewolves, but shape-shifters. This is a misconception the Volturi also make.

Actual Children of the Moon spread their lycanthropy through bite.


Quileute men (usually) who posses the dormant "Werewolf" gene, which is hereditary and seemingly dominant, and who come into contact with a vampire, "awaken" as shapeshifters. They therefore reproduce in the usual way: sexually. However, not every male with the gene awakens -- there's an age restriction as well, preventing the fathers of the main werewolf cast from awakening despite carrying the gene.

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