Wolverine's unique ability of cell regeneration almost makes him invincible but if he was to suffer from any blood borne disease in particular HIV would he survive? HIV affects the white blood cells in the blood and hence destroys one's immune system, leading to the AIDS condition of ultra sensitivity to other infectious diseases.

  • Regeneration of WBC would outrun its destruction.. – Umbrella Corporation Jan 5 '13 at 8:44
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    aids is not a disease! – user16696 Feb 13 '15 at 16:13

Like the powers of many comic characters, Wolverine's potential (particularly his healing ability) has fluxed from writer-to-writer depending on the situation.

According to Marvel Wikia, he is immune to all diseases such as cancer or HIV.

Disease Resistances: Wolverine's healing factor has also extended to his immune system. He is immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections.

According to Marvel Universe, however, he only has

an enhanced resistance to diseases.

While both sites are wikis, the Marvel Universe one is written by Marvel employees, so I would tend to favor their more official description.

So, his body could contract a disease such as HIV or cancer, but his healing factor would likely combat it. Whether or not it could overcome the disease would end up being an issue of severity versus time and how powerful the writer decided to make his healing factor in that particular story.

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    He did overcome the Legacy Virus in the animated series (different cannon obviously) which is similar to cancer, but he wasn't immune to it. – Monty129 Jan 3 '13 at 17:27
  • Exactly, the 90s cartoon took a realistic antibody based direction. Wolverine was infected with, and (painfully) overcame the virus through a superior immune system response, developing the antibodies that were then used to immunize the rest of both mutant and human kind. Just like Wolverine can be wounded, but the wound heals. – user16696 Feb 13 '15 at 18:21

It's explictly stated in Uncanny X-Men #421 that mutants are immune to AIDS.

enter image description here

This claim is repeated (with a little more explanation) in Uncanny X-Men #427. Apparently it's because of the X-gene. Given that Wolverine carries this gene, it follows that he would be immune.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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    That sounds like satire on ignorance than a legit statement that all mutants can't get HIV or aids. What's her explication on the next page? – user16696 Feb 13 '15 at 15:03
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    I can't fathom a reason why Marvel would decide mutants can't get HIV. That's stupendously ridiculous. But either way, that doesn't answer the question, since there are plenty of other blood borne diseases besides HIV. – scott.korin Feb 13 '15 at 15:41
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    @scott.korin - The question specifically asks about HIV/AIDS. Although this doesn't address every single blood-borne disease, it's still an answer, albeit a partial one. – Valorum Feb 13 '15 at 15:49
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    @cde - dead on. If it wasn't, than your idea is better than the writers'. – Chris B. Behrens Feb 13 '15 at 16:01
  • @cde Taken alone, her statement sounds like an ignorant belief. But not only does Angel also make the claim, the doctor agrees with him. It may not make much sense, but it does appear to be true. – KSmarts Feb 13 '15 at 17:34

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