How many snowspeeders (T-47) participated in the Battle of Hoth according to canon?

I will take calculations based on any canon texts (G- to C- canon); or calculated by movie visuals.

I would accept game canon if well proven and no movie/book canon contradicts that.

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Twelve, according to the script:


The Rebel troops aim their weapons at the horizon as explosions erupt all around them. They are nervous and their grip on their weapons tightens from the cold and from fear. Behind the troops a dozen snowspeeders race through the sky.


The official novelisation mentions that there are twelve speeders.

Brilliant billows of orange and yellow flames exploded from the walker guns. Nervously the Rebel troopers aimed their weapons at the walkers, each soldier feeling icy, unseen fingers pierce his body.

Of the twelve snowspeeders, four took the lead, soaring at full throttle as they moved toward the enemy. One All Terrain Armored Transport machine fired, barely missing the banking craft. A burst of gunfire blew another speeder into a ball of flaming oblivion that lit up the sky.

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