A friend told me that he once read a science fiction short story in which a group of astronauts return to earth after a long voyage, but the British members of the expedition opted to remain in orbit for a couple of extra weeks because of tax reasons to do with residency. Can anyone identify the story that he might be referring to?

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    I'd failed to remember it was a trip to the moon though. Thanks for asking. – Francis Davey Jan 11 '13 at 18:02

Yes, it's "A Question of Residence" by Arthur C Clarke, collected in The Other Side of the Sky and The Best of Arthur C Clarke: 1937-1971.

"A Question of Residence" tells of how at the end of the mission one of the ships would have to stay behind to clean up their equipment while the others return and get the early glory, and how the British team end up volunteering... in order to take advantage of a legal loophole so they can sell their stories tax-free.

Wikipedia: Venture to the Moon

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