In L.Ron Hubbard's screenplay "Revolt in the Stars", it says Xenu was about to lose power but it doesn't give reason as to how this achieved his goal. He killed billions of aliens. It would seem to be something very unpopular to do.

You can read a full first draft of the screenplay here, as written by Harley Wolfe Jr.

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    Much as I think Scientology is silly, I think this may be skirting a little close to our policy against discussion of religion. I'm not voting to close yet, but I have opened a discussion. In particular, I'm concerned that Revolt in the Stars is, afaik, unpublished, so it is hard to determine if your question is really about the screenplay, or about the core beliefs of Scientology.
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The murders were a false-flag attack instigated by Xenu to kill his enemies, cleanse the planets of people that he considers "undesirable" and to provide a pretext to take greater control of the Galactic Defence Force.

After having glanced through what I can only describe as one of the worst screenplays I've ever read, I think I've found the section you're referring to;

  1. Xenu's GDF troops (led by their psychiatrist officers) evacuate; "all citizens who are in the Field of the Arts, education, Journalism, religious leaders, civil liberty activists, or those who are unemployed" from the planet Procyon and transport them to the planet Teegeeack.
  2. They collect troops that are loyal to the government and transport them to the same planet.
  3. They use a "451 MX EXPLOSIVE DEVICE. The most powerful atomic bomb ever made" to blow them all up, then blame the Grey Invaders;

"News Reporter : This is truly a sad day. We are just receiving breaking news from the Galactic Defense Force that Teegeeack has just suffered a full scale assault from the Grey invaders. Resulting in the death of Commander Rawl, leader of Teegeeack.

Xenu is said to be distraut [sic] after learning of Rawls death and the attack on Teegeeack and has sworn to redouble his efforts to defend the Confederation.

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    For the record, Hubbard states that anyone who reads this screenplay without becoming a fully accredited scientologist is likely to suffer from a broken back, knee and arm and then die of pneumonia. And no, I'm not just making this up; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wall_of_Fire_(Scientology)
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    @JimmyShelter - Your sympathy is appreciated.
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