I have been searching for this for a few weeks and I am hoping that you guys can help me out.

I know that what I watched was a movie I am not sure if the story was self contained within the story or if it was a movie of a series like they did with Patlabor. I am going to guess that the movie was mid 80s to early 90s. The movie starts with a motorcycle cop getting in trouble for something I am not sure what exactly for but he ends up getting transferred to a special division of the police department. He is one of three people chosen to work with robot counterparts. His robot partners name was Blades I am pretty sure his colour scheme was blue and white and he shot hand cuffs out of his arms.

As for the story of the movie I am a little more fuzzy on that. What I do remember about it is someone puts a computer virus type device into a new 1994 tank because they are trying to steal it. The tank then goes rampaging through the city. Someone finally gets inside the tank removes the control pad but by then it is too late and the madness continues. I also remember the tank being able to do anything, it had inflatable sides to drive through water and lasers and missiles.

Also, the female officers robot was pink and had tentacle like devices that she used to hack computers. The other robot was green and it was always trying to figure out how to properly use the wrist exercising device.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • The "tentacle like devices that she used to hack computers" remind me of Ghost in the Shell, but the rest doesn't add up.
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This sounds like it's Techno Police 21C, originally released in 1982.

Techno Police 21C poster

Some matching details:

  • the main character, Ken, is a motorcycle highway cop. at the beginning of the movie, he is called to join the police force in Centinel City after getting into trouble for wrecking yet another motorcycle.
  • he has a robot partner named Blader, who is blue and white and has a projectile handcuff
  • another character has a partner which is pink and has cables which could interface with computers, streaming from its neck .
  • the plot centers around a tank being hijacked
  • one of the characters gets into the tank, but the tank starts up on its own and rampages through the city
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Dominion Tank Police (1993) enter image description here

Dominion: Tank Police Dominion tank police OAVDVD.jpg Cover of North American Dominion: Tank Police DVD release. ドミニオン (Dominion) Genre Comedy, Science fiction, Cyberpunk Manga Written by Masamune Shirow Published by Hakusensha English publisher
NA Dark Horse Comics Demographic Seinen Magazine Young Animal Arashi Published 1985 Volumes 1 Original video animation Dominion Tank Police Directed by Kōichi Mashimo Studio Agent 21 Licensed by AUS Manga Entertainment (expired) NA Central Park Media (expired) UK Manga Entertainment (expired) Released May 27, 1988 – August 11, 1989 Episodes 4 Original video animation New Dominion Tank Police Directed by Norubu Furuse Studio J.C.Staff Licensed by NA Maiden Japan Released October 21, 1993 – October 21, 1994 Episodes 6 Manga Dominion Conflict One: No More Noise Written by Masamune Shirow Published by Seishinsha English publisher
NA Dark Horse Comics Demographic Seinen Magazine Young Manga Published 1995 Volumes 1 Original video animation TANK S.W.A.T. 01 Directed by Romanov Higa Studio DOGA Productions Released 2006

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