I know there are many awards for science fiction works in general, such as the Hugo and Nebula. Are there any awards specifically for children's science fiction literature?


The Golden Duck awards "are designed to encourage science fiction literature for children" and have been presented yearly at Worldcon since 1992.

The categories include

Picture Book: Given for books written for very young children.

Eleanor Cameron Award for Middle Grades: Given for books written for grades 2 to 6.

Hal Clement Award for Young Adult: Given for books written for grades 6 to 12.

Special Awards: Given to acknowledge a book, author, illustrator or publisher not fitting in one of the other catagories. This award is created on an as-needed basis.

More recently, the Monica Hughes Award has been honoring Sci-Fi books for adolescents, but only Canadian authors are eligible.


There are quite a few children's SF awards. Most awards for kids' SF are either one in a system of awards or categories within larger awards. The Golden Duck awards are the only ones I can think of specializing in kids' SF, without being part of something bigger.

General awards

Genre awards

Regional awards

And I'm sure there are some I missed, especially for other languages.

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