Shaidar Haran does not seem to show up at the Last Battle. What is his fate?

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Rand encounters Shaidar Haran soon after he enters Shayol Ghul.

The figure stood and turned, Moridin's now familiar face reflecting Callandor's glow. Beside him on the ground lay a husk. Rand could explain it no other way. It was like the shell some instects leave behind when they grow only it was in the shape of a man. A Man with no eyes. One of the Myrddraal?

Moridin looked to the husk, following Rand's gaze. "A vessel my master needed no longer," Moridin said. Saa floated in the whites of his eye, bouncing, shaking, moving with crazed vigor. "It gave birth to what is behind me."

"There is nothing behind you."

Moridin raised his sword before his face in a salute. "Exactly."

A Memory of Light, Chapter 25 - Quick Fragments

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