In the film Hellboy, Rasputin opens Hellboy's portal on the island and mayhem quickly arises. During the fracas,

Rasputin gets sucked into the portal, but not until bits and pieces (like his eyes) are pulled into the portal first. 60 years after the events on the island, a seemingly fully regenerated Rasputin visits Hellboy. Soonafter, we see Rasputin being groomed by his Nazi minion, who hands him a pair of glass eyes which we see him put in their places.

An answer from the comics or from the film (maybe I missed it) would be great.

Why doesn't the resurrected Rasputin get his real eyes back?

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It's not explained in either the film, or the novelisation. The sole reference to this seems to be a line in the deleted scenes (and book) where Rasputin arises from Hell in a pool of blood and Ilsa says:

"your eyes...what did they do to your eyes?"

The clear implication being that his eyes were removed when he was in Hell (we assume as part of the regime of torture that he suffered) and have remained there.

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