I remember almost all of the story details except the name and author! Here are some bigger points:

  • I believe it's an older story – between the 60s-70s.
  • People in this future are encouraged to group-think. Doing something individually is considered dangerous and punished by death or exile.
  • The hero works in the cleaning class of people and is in love with a woman who works in the agriculture class. They aren't allowed to speak so he loves her from afar.
  • He presents his findings of electricity to his people's council expecting them to be as excited about it's potential as he is, but instead is pursued with the intent of a death sentence. He runs into the wilderness to escape them; this is huge because his society acts as though the world doesn't exist past the wilderness.
  • The girl he is in love with follows him and they travel through the wilderness together.
  • They find an old abandoned neighborhood and live in a large house together beginning their own paradise.
  • Title might have something to do with the word “Paradise” or “Eden”.

There is an Ayn Rand story with that plot: "Anthem". I haven't read it in rather a long time and can't recall a lot of detail.

Odd side note Neil Peart credited the story with inspiring the story in the Rush album 2112

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  • "Anthem" is it! Thank you so much! – lbelle Jan 30 '13 at 13:42

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