In a comment to this answer to a question speculating on an event in the epilogue of A Memory of Light, someone mentioned that:

the ending was Robert Jordan's, written by him before he died.

Is there reference to back this up? I know Robert Jordan passed on extensive notes to his wife and Brandon Sanderson, but I thought the details of those notes were a closely-held secret. Was anything revealed, either before or after Jordan's passing, that indicated how much of the ending he had written?

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As far as I've seen they haven't said exactly who wrote what. The epilogue is mostly written by Robert Jordan, with a couple of scenes added by Brandon.

For example, it's been said in an interview the pipe scene was what Jordan was talking about when he said he had written the last scene.

KIRSTEN GESENBERG (23 JANUARY 2013) Which scene is the "last scene" that RJ said he wrote first?

Source - Theoryland

Also on the same chat:

JAMES STARKE Robert Jordan wrote the entire epilogue.

BRANDON SANDERSON Almost all. There were a few small inserts by me. Perrin was mine in the epilogue.

MIKE COX I would like to know, how much of the last chapter was written by RJ and how much did you do?

BRANDON SANDERSON I did Perrin and some of the in-between writing with Loial. RJ did Mat, Rand, scene exiting the mountain, and others.

BRANDON SANDERSON There are places where I tweaked bits, per editing, and places where I slipped in things he'd written to my sequences.

TEREZ Was the last scene written or dictated?

BRANDON SANDERSON Written down. As was the scene with Isam [in] the prologue.

BRANDON SANDERSON The Borderlander tower scene was dictated, I believe.

There has been some discussion if the Cadsuane scene was added by Brandon (Peter Ahlstrom is Brandon's assistant):

ISABEL (9 JANUARY 2013) One question: regarding the Cadsuane scene. It is said that this was added by you. Is that correct? Was Cadsuane's fate in RJ's notes?

PETER AHLSTROM (9 JANUARY 2013) Team Jordan said I could say that Brandon himself wrote the words of that little scene. Brandon is still being closedmouthed about what specifically came from the notes, but in general, Robert Jordan left quite a few notes on where people ended up at the end of the book.

ISABEL Am I right to assume that her implied fate wouldn't have been put in, if the notes say something different? (assuming there were notes on it)

PETER AHLSTROM The notes about fates at the end were not contradicted.


He have several times written about this on Reddit.

Another: What spoilers did you encounter before you finished the series? [spoilers]

The epilogue.

I found this really funny (because the thread was obviously meant to ask about what spoilers readers encountered).

His AMA proves u/mistborn is indeed Sanderson.

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