How big is the hand cannon Hellboy calls the Samaritan? He uses an arsenal of weapons in the franchise, but his personal favorite seems to be the Samaritan. Where did he get it and what caliber shell does it take?



He got the pistol from the Torch of Liberty, a WWII-era character created by John Byrne.


EDIT: According to the Hellboy wikia, the gun holds four 22mm rounds.


I do believe you are looking at a Hollywood-romanticized version of the Gilon revolver, which was chambered in .577 Boxer (also called .577 Webley) indeed the cartridges were so large the cylinder was chambered for 4 rounds. The real bullets were nowhere near as long and pointy, being regular LRN (Lead Round Nose) typical of the latter 1800's, as all calibers were.

The short and squat cartridges you see throwing large pieces of lead were made that way because that's the best use of black powder, which was quite low pressure. if Hellboy had modern technology and smokeless powder (nitrocellulose) he probably would have preferred something in .500 S&W which would have been a lot more effective for his purposes.

There were other revolvers chambered for that cartridge but the Samaritan most closely resembles the Gilon. Yes, there were actual guns like this but not beefed up weighing 10 pounds.

this guy has one although he says it's actually .600 caliber. (it's not) here you go... huge bullets, 4 round cylinder and all.

enter image description here

  • While this addresses the issue of what caliber shell it takes, it ignores the central question of how or where he acquired it. – phantom42 Oct 27 '16 at 13:27

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