It's an ongoing punchline that Kirk has slept with many women across the galaxy.

Is it actually based in fact though? In the TV series and movies, how many actual women did Kirk boldly go into with his Enterprise? (pun intended). Please distinguish aliens from humans, for those who are curious, and also indicate which are from the TV series and which are from movies.

The only woman I know for sure he Zap Brannigen'd was the lady who had his son.

  • You mean the woman who had his child in the movies? Don't forget he also got a Native American woman pregnant on the television series, though he also got her stoned to death before she had the baby. – user60653 Mar 16 '16 at 1:15
  • There were a lot of scenes of Kirk kissing females in TOS (including at one point Uhura). That's a far cry from actual sexual intercourse, but its also as close as you could represent on network TV in the 1960's. You perhaps ought to lay out how to count such things. – T.E.D. Jul 15 '16 at 17:50

Q: How many ALIEN females did Kirk have sex with?

First of all, to answer the original question, we will limit to aliens-only (full list based on data in the second part of the answer):

A: Total of 4 to 7 including the Universe reboot, depending on your inclusiveness (out of 11-17 total women).

  • Of past dalliances, 0 of 5 were alien
  • Of known non-canon book ones, 0 of 2 were alien
  • Of movie ones, 0 of 1 were alien
  • Of TV show ones, 2 to 4 out of 4 confirmed ones were alien:
    • Drusilla ["Bread and Circuses"]
    • Deela ["Wink of an Eye"]
    • Elaan ["Elaan of Troyius"] - MAYBE - not 100% confirmed as sexual partner but very likely.
    • Miramanee ["The Paradise Syndrome"] - MAYBE - Strictly speaking, Miramanee is not an alien - she was an Amerind, who were a human off-shoot living on an alien planet.
  • Also, 1 of 3 "possibles" from TV show - Odona - was alien ["The Mark of Gideon"].
  • In ["Into Darkness"] Kirk is seen in bed with two alien women.

Q: How many total females did Kirk have sex with?


| Source | Timeframe | Confirmed   | Possible |
| TOS TV | Present   | 4 (maybe 3) | 3 or 4   |
| TOS TV | Past      | 4           | 1        |
| Movies | Past      | 0           | 1        |
| Books  | All       | 1           | 1        |
| Reboot | Present   | 2           | 0        |
| Total  | *         | 9-11        | 7-6      |

Please note that non-canon (book) numbers are quite possibly low-balled; as I was going from a fairly small list.


Someone called "Captain Robert April" did this analysis for TV series, reposted here (they actually went through every single episode):

Summary was:

So, out of 79 episodes, we have only seven possible instances, and only four of those can we count as confirmed.

Please note that he also mentioned several instances of PAST dalliances that aren't counted in his summary. Those were 4 or 5:

  • Carol Marcus.
  • Areel Shaw
  • Ruth (no last name, played by Shirley Bonne)
  • Dr. Janet Wallace
  • Janice Lester (maybe)

Plus 1 possibles from the movie non-TV-series info (non canon books):

  • Antonia from ST: Generations - maybe.

Plus at least 1 confirmed and 1 possible that are known from non canon books:

  • Admiral Lori Ciana (I think this was non-canon book though, not in his list).

  • Gillian Taylor (hinted at in a graphic novel)

    However, there probably were more in the books that I don't know of.

Specific examples listed in that post:


  • "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Within the story itself, nope. Brief reference to a "little blonde lab technician" way back at the Academy, later assumed to be Carol Marcus.

  • "Court-Martial" Within the story itself, nope, except for that final kiss on the bridge. Areel Shaw had a relationship with Kirk "four years, seven months, and an odd number of days" ago, so this reference doesn't really count.

  • "Shore Leave" Another one from the past, Ruth, apparently from back in his Academy days or thereabouts. Doesn't seem that much really happened within the story itself, unless you count her showing up again at the end (17 episodes in and we finally might actually have Kirk getting lucky? Not a good average for an alleged womanizer....)

  • "The City on the Edge of Forever" Ah, yes, Edith Keeler. This was true love, kids. However, to set history straight, she had to die. Thus, the crux of the story. Whether or not Kirk got lucky is dependent on how easy you think Edith was (remember, she was an idealistic social worker, so how likely is it that she'd hop into bed with this handsome stranger?), so it's debatable how far this relationship actually went.

  • ... "That's 28 episodes so far, and by my count, Kirk got lucky, during the course of the series to this point, maybe twice. Second season, folks?"


  • "The Deadly Years" Another one from the past (Janet, "six years, four months, and an odd number of days" ago), with no action within the episode itself. Nope.

  • "Bread And Circuses" Okay, we've got that slave girl, Drusilla. We now have our, maybe, third time in 43 episodes.

  • ... "So far, two seasons, 55 episodes, possibly three times, and only one of those can we point to with any degree of certainty ("Bread And Circuses")".


  • "Elaan of Troyius" Maybe. He was in her quarters a loooong time. We'll count this one as confirmed just for argument's sake (that makes two out of a possible four so far)

  • "The Paradise Syndrome" Well, Miramanee was pregnant, so that pretty much ends that discussion. Up to five, with only three confirmed.

  • "Wink of an Eye" Now this one is another confirmed instance (We see Kirk sitting on the bed, putting his boots back on, while Deela is busy brushing her hair; it's still a mystery how this one slipped by the censors). We are now up to six possible, with four confirmed.

  • "The Mark of Gideon" Yeah, I'll give ya this one, although I'm not willing to call this one confirmed. Kirk and Odonna certainly weren't leaving the bridge arm-in-arm to go check the antimatter flow regulators. That makes seven possible, four confirmed.

  • "Requiem For Methuselah" Hmm. I don't think this one ever progressed to the physical stage, if only because Kirk was too busy with the Enterprise crew being sick, so this gets a close, but not close enough.

  • "Turnabout Intruder" Maybe way back when Kirk and Janice Lester were dating, but within the story, nope.

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    I don't think Carol Marcus counts as sleeping with an alien. – Jack B Nimble Feb 21 '13 at 19:15
  • +1 for a very well put together answer! Also and maybe it's just my memory coloring things but did he ever have anything with Yeoman Rand? – Monty129 Feb 22 '13 at 17:12
  • 1
    @Monty129 - He had feelings for her, but they never led to anything that can be suspected as physical intimacy. – DVK-on-Ahch-To Feb 22 '13 at 17:22
  • @DVK Except in the Mirror Universe where she was the official "Captain's Woman"... – dodgethesteamroller Jun 7 '13 at 21:03
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    +1 because questions and answers like this are why I use stackexchange. – Anthony Jun 23 '13 at 9:07

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