I remember a few years ago I stumbled upon a Star Wars fan video that was brilliant. It was an encounter in a forest on a lost planet between a dark and a light Jedi, and their fight to death, with a lovely Celtic soundtrack. The actors and producers were of Asian descent.

I'd love a reference. Thanks.


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Art of the Saber, available here for download. The Breton-Celtic music is Gortoz a ran ['I'm waiting'], from Denez Prigent.

A light saber fight sequence with the flavor of a Hong Kong martial arts action movie. This short is set in a dense forest, where a young man, willing to leave his loved ones behind to help fight in the Revolution, clashes with an enemy in a battle where only one will remain standing. Music by Denez Prigent and a monologue extracted from an authentic Civil War love letter written in 1861, help to set the tone for this movie.

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