There was a TV series sometime between 2001 - 2010, I think on the Sci Fi channel, about a spaceship crew that were trying to get back home. It was very funny but got canned after 1 or 2 seasons.

It was in the style of the movie "Metropia" where there are cutout heads on animated bodies. One episode was about them throwing a party and people got so wasted they had sex without remembering and woke up all confused.

I remember the captain was an idiot who took nothing seriously and didn't really care about what the crew did. This show was HILARIOUS but I can't remember what the name was or if it was on Sci Fi or Comedy Central.

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Think I found it... Is it Outer Space Astronauts?

Outer Space Astronauts is a comedy television series which aired on Syfy, created by Russell Barrett.

The main characters have live-action "real" heads connected to computer-generated and animated bodies in a completely digital environment.

The crew travel through space on a ship named the O.S.S. Oklahoma.


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