I read a book approx 15 years ago, set in the near future. The older people were into electronics and wore recording glasses called 'peepers'. The book also got into environmental issues, a black hole at the center of the earth and the sun, and a war against Swiss bankers


Based on the description in the Wiki article, sounds like it could be Earth by David Brin. Published in 1990 and set in 2038. Description mentions a black hole in the center of the earth and a war that pits most of the nations against Switzerland (the banking industry). Eyeglass cameras / overlays on real environments (peepers ?) are listed as one of the technologies he predicted in the book. See no mention of a black hole in the Sun, but it is just a synopsis.

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  • Yes, it's definitely Earth. – Mike Scott Mar 21 '13 at 6:58

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